Speed Bumps, car stops, parking blocks.

Speed bumps.

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Speed bumps. Speed bumps.

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Speed bumps.
Speed bumps. Speed bumps.

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Speed Bumps, Speed Humps & End Caps:
 Leave 1-3” between speed bumps for drainage and expansion (can be cut with a utility knife, if necessary). For 4 to 10 trips per day with heavy trucks (i.e. garbage trucks), or on an incline (i.e. parking garage), install speed bumps using BOTH adhesive and hardware. It is always preferable to install Speed Humps using both adhesive and hardware. Not designed for more than 10 trucks per day or for speeds over 15 mph. Sweepers must raise brushes before driving over. Remove when snowplows are in use. 

Position Speed Bump, Speed Hump, End Caps or Car Stop and mark holes: 

ASPHALT INSTALLATION- Use 5/8” washers and 14” x ” rebar spikes:

  1. Drill ” diameter pilot holes through asphalt, or to depth of 3”.
  2. Clean installation area. Put product in place. Put washers in place.
  3. For Speed Humps and Speed Hump End Caps and for 4 or more trucks per day on speed bumps, also use adhesive. See instructions below.
  4. Start all spikes before completely setting any.

CONCRETE INSTALLATION - Use included lag screws with washer and shield:

  1. Drill ” holes, 2” deep and insert shield (threaded end goes in first). For maximum expansion the shield should protrude slightly above concrete surface before setting.
  2. Clean installation area. Put product in place. Put washers in place.
  3. Put bead of adhesive on leading edges of Speed Humps and End Caps.
  4. Insert lag screw--start all lags before tightening any. Tighten with wrench until firm resistance is felt.

ADHESIVE INSTALLATION (i.e. parking garages)*

  1. Use 10 ounces of construction grade adhesive such as PL Premium Polyurethane, or a 2-tube epoxy such as Simpson ET-22, to install each rubber product, buy these products locally.
  2. Put rubber product in place. Mark perimeter and drill holes.
  3. Brush holes and blow out debris. Clean and dry installation area according to adhesive directions.
  4. Mix enough epoxy for one installation (if using a 2-tube epoxy) or use a 10 oz. tube of PL Premium.
  5. Fill the holes to 2” from top with adhesive.
  6. Apply adhesive to bottom of speed bump/speed hump/car stop. Set in place.
  7. Install washers and hardware (see instructions above).
  8. Allow setting and curing time according to adhesive directions.

* If you remove a product installed with adhesive you are likely to tear the product or the surface.

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